50L Keg - CO2 Beer Dispenser Kit - Beer Keg Special Keg Overflow Brewing Company

50L Keg - CO2 Beer Dispenser Kit - Beer Keg Special

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Our Keg CO2 Dispensing Kits have you entirely covered for a few weeks!  Price advertised is your costs after the return of all rental requirement. Your CO2 Dispensing Kit includes:

  • 30lbs of Fresh Filtered Ice
  • Keg Bucket Rental
  • Beer Cups
  • CO2 Dispenser Rental
  • 2 CO2 Cartridges sold with a 50L Keg
  • Our Award Winning Beer
  • Keg Rental (Deposit)

A $50 Deposit is taken upon purchase.  Full Deposit refunded upon the clean return of the Dispensing Kit, Bucket, and Keg.  Rental terms are 21 days.  Set up and Tear Down instructions included with your rental.  Coupler has a Pressure Relief Valve to release pressure from over carb.  Nothing but fun ahead!

If you're not sure if you want to get into a full sized Kegerator then this is the best first step before making that big investment.  This kit fits well in a garage or balcony in the spring or even your beer fridge all year round.  You'll always have your favourite draft beer, cold and ready for you and your guests.