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Overflow Core Beer On Tap

Roger That
Extra Pale Ale

Hints of apple, straw and an almost vinous characteristic.
Base malt-type biscuit/ bread like character, with a clean dry finish, high CO2 mouthfeel no residual aftertaste.

Pilsner Style Ale

Hints of malt, hay, apple, and a
light spiciness from the hops.
Base malt-type biscuit with a clean dry finish, high CO 2 mouthfeel, minimal hop bitterness or aftertaste. add a little here

Bangkok Crosswalk
North East Pale Ale (American)

Big fruity notes of pineapple, passionfruit, mango, evergreen and citrus.
Creamy and smooth with hints of oat nuttiness, a slight minerality through to a mild hop bitterness in the finish.

India Pale Ale (West Coast)

Big notes of grapefruit, lime, mango, papaya and tangerine.
The taste begins with a honeyed biscuit character from the malt and follows through with a firm hop bitterness that is slightly offset by the acidity from the carbonation.

Final Bow

Deep aromas of cocoa, roasted coffee, roasted nuts and hints of molasses.
Rich creamy dark chocolate that rolls into molasses bread with an espresso like finish.


Overflow Seasonal Beer On Tap

Pilot Beer #17
Lemon Hibiscus Gose

The beer pours pale yellow with a hint of pink and has a bright white head. The aroma has hints of straw, lemon, sourdough and hibiscus.
The taste begins with a hint of apple and biscuit followed by a subtle taste of sea salt. The mid palate has a lot of mouth feel with the tartness of the lactic acid being balanced by the carbonation and body of the beer. The lemon and hibiscus follow through in the aftertaste. A well balanced tart beer with lots of aroma.

Pilot Beer #18
Dry Hopped Amber

This beer pours a rich amber color with a pillowy beige head. The aroma has a rich toffee and coniferous forest thing going on, along with hints of citrus and rye.
The taste begins with a malty caramel, or maybe a date cookie… and transitions to a very smooth early grey tea with hints of black pepper (rye) in the mid-palate. The aftertaste is an interesting mix of lightly bitter and herbal. Easy to drink and unexpectedly festive!

Pilot Beer #19
Dry Hopped Saison

This beer pours a beautiful gold color with a dense white head. The aroma is a unique combination of many subtle things. Hints of clover, honey, biscuit, grape, lychee, melon, bubble gum and star fruit.
The taste begins with honey and biscuit. The mid palate has a light spiciness from the rye and a light sweetness from the vienna …. The finish is pleasantly dry, bitter and herbal. Aromatic and quaffable!


Cider & Wine

Flying Canoe - Cider
Light and crisp with a nice balance of sweetness.  Lightly carbonated that brings togehter some of the nice local natural apple flavours.
Creekside Estates
2017 Pinot Grigio - A fresh fruit bowl in your wine glass! Classic Italian style acidity and minerality with Niagara flavours of golden delicious apple, melon, pear and zesty citrus. Our Grigio is a reliable crowd pleaser, perfect for any taste and sure to be the life of the party. No need to worry about finding an occasion to crack this bottle, the answer is simple: anytime, anywhere with anything!
2017 Syrah - The Creekside red grape variety continues to deliver elegance and great flavour. The 2017 vintage is decidedly aromatic, with aromas of violets, plum, red currant and white pepper. The palate is medium bodied with bright fruit flavours of wild raspberry and strawberry, followed by a savoury sandalwood and white pepper finish.


 Locally distilled spirits (Vodka, Rum, Gin and Canadian Whisky)



Soda/ Pop, Water, Juice