Lost Lager Collaboration

Collaboration Story

Back in 2014, four Brewers met at Siebel (Institute of Technology) and realized they had something in common. They were all Canadian! Many years later they are all still in touch and running successful Brewery related businesses: Andrew (Overflow), Brett (Stockyards), Joe (Willibald) and Louis (Le Labo Brewing Solutions). This collab brew has been in the works for years now, but, like many things, was delayed because of covid. When the world started looking like it might be okay to get together again, the collab was on our minds. Louis mentioned that his company had started doing trials with a long forgotten Franconian lager yeast strain (Stafelberg). It has not been widely commercially used since the 1940’s but was once favoured for its ability to produce a very “crisp, well balanced pale beer”. This got us reminiscing about our days in Germany together, and in-particular an imperial pilsner that we had as part of a beer dinner in Austria. This beer is not made to try and replicate that one, but rather pay homage to where we met and the things we learned: the education, the appreciation, the attention to detail, and the history. In the years since then we have collectively brewed a very large amount of craft beer and will be blending some more modern craft influences to this classic beer. It will be brewed almost entirely with German heritage variety pilsner malt from Weyermann (another place we visited together), this long lost lager yeast, and multiple varieties of noble german/ Czech hops. It will be bittered with a modern hop product called flex and triple dry hopped with saaz, perle and mittelfruh. This beer should be a great representation of classic meets craft. Even if our old professors wouldn’t consider it a “Fine German beer” we consider it a great Canadian beer. Prost!