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Bryan Adams Tribute
Bryan Adams Tribute

Bryan Adams Tribute

November 4, 2023
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4th Annual Bryan Adams Birthday Bash & Musical Tribute

Assembled in 2019 to pay musical tribute to Bryan Adams on the occasion of his 60th birthday, The Sobb/Sullivan Band spearheaded by Matt and Marty Sobb features long-time friends and co-conspirators Corey Sullivan, Julian St. Martin and Stephen F. Wood. Having been fans of the music for over 30 years, this band has excelled individually and together in pursuit of creating and performing original music but when the occasion arose to pay tribute to an early and lasting influence, they went all in! Recruiting some special guests to enhance the sound and presentation was easy. Long-time friends of the band, Shawn Tavenier and Rebecca Noelle are the remaining pieces to this show that really elevate the energy and swagger from the stage!

They’ll be covering songs from the Bryan Adams catalogue starting from his first release in 1981 right through his career to include recent albums with a focus on the Cuts Like A Knife and Reckless era. But this isn’t a “tribute band”. This is a musical tribute to an artist’s body of work by a group of musical heavyweights and great friends! No wigs, no look-alikes, just great songs that rock!

Remember that show at Landsdowne Park in 1992 when “that kid” jumped up on stage and rocked….? Yes, THAT’s Marty!

Vocals/Guitar - COREY SULLIVAN (Charlie Major, freelance)Guitar/Vocals - MARTY SOBB (Autumn’s Canon, Marty Sobb & The Mobb, studio w/Bachman Cummings, Avril Lavigne, Snoop Dogg)
Drums/Vocals - MATT SOBB (MonkeyJunk, freelance, Marty Sobb & The Mobb)Piano/Hammond Organ - JULIAN ST. MARTIN (David Gogo, Marty Sobb &The Mobb)Bass Guitar - STEPHEN F. WOOD (David Gogo, Marty Sobb &The Mobb)

Special guests:Vocals- REBECCA NOELLE (The Peptides, The Commotions, Big Love, 1st runner up, La Voix)Vocals/Guitar - SHAWN TAVENIER (Silver Creek, Silver Lining Sessions)

$20 Advance
$25 Door - limited availability

Doors 7pm 

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