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Breathe - Lemon Hibiscus Gose

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Available Early Summer

Live in the moment… take it all in and enjoy the ride.  Live entertainment is in our DNA and Overflow has hosted unbelievable shows. This Lemon Hibiscus Gose is dedicated to the amazing performers who have shared their talents with us.  Stop and take a moment to remember how live music made you feel… take a moment to BREATHE.

  • 4.0% ABV
  • Lemon Hibiscus Gose (Sour)

Colour: Bright Pink and Yellow Hues

Taste - The taste begins with a hint of apple and biscuit followed by a subtle taste of sea salt. The mid palate is complex and balanced with the tartness of the lactic acid and the body of the beer. The lemon and hibiscus follow through in the aftertaste.  A well balanced tart beer with loads of aroma.

Aroma - The aroma has hints of straw, with lemon, sourdough and hibiscus.