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Keg - CO2 Beer Dispenser (Rental) Keg Overflow Brewing Company

Keg - CO2 + Beer Dispenser (Rental)

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Not sure if you want to make the move on a Kegerator?  Test it out with one of our CO2 dispenser kits.  This will keep beer moving for those longer term rentals and fresh as the day it was packaged.  Great introduction to Keg Beer dispensing and no long term commitment!  Keep your beer in the garage in the spring or in a regular fridge all year round.

  • $275 Deposit with the purchase of an Overflow Keg (50L / 30L)
  • $250 Deposit returned upon the return of the CO2 dispensing kit
  • Rental Terms are 21 days.
  • Beverage Grade CO2 Cartridges Sold Separately at Overflow
  • Set up and Tear Down instructions Included with your rental
  • CO2 preserves the beer for weeks.
  • Attach CO2 Beer Dispenser system to the keg and begin to pour.
  • Turn on the gas supply while pouring to the desired flow rate.
  • Just a few PSI will calmly push the beer without foaming.