Lost Lager - Imperial Pilsner Beer Overflow Brewing Company
Lost Lager - Imperial Pilsner Beer Overflow Brewing Company

Lost Lager Collab - Imperial Pilsner

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We began brewing beer because we loved all of it! We loved designing, experimenting, and learning something new each time.  We loved moving on from the odd failed attempt to make something even more magical the next time.  But most of all, we loved it because we did it with friends!  Lost Lager is a Collaboration Project designed by four friends (Ontario Brewers) who met at Brewing School.  Three graduated to run successful new breweries and one opened his own laboratory supporting some of the best beer in the world.  Over the years, these three friends have collectively brewed a very large amount of craft beer. 

For Lost Lager, they have blended some more modern craft influences on this classic beer style. It was brewed almost entirely with German heritage variety pilsner malt from Weyermann.  In addition, “Le Labo”, has reintroduced a “long-lost” lager yeast, and multiple varieties of noble German/ Czech hops. Lost Lager was bittered with a modern hop product and then triple dry-hopped with Saaz, Perle and Mittelfruh.

This beer is a great representation of Classic meets Craft. We consider it a “Fine German Canadian Beer”. So from our long standing but "never lost" friends at Stockyards Brewing, Willibald Farm Distillery & Brewery, and Le Labo Solutions Brassicoles… Prost!

  • 7.0% ABV
  • 48 BU
  • Imperial Pilsner

Colour: Straw Yellow

Aroma: Hints of Green Grass, Fresh Flowers and Lemon

Taste: Begins with a Fresh Biscuit with hints of Lemon. This Lager has a nice crisp mid-palate with a slight warming in the finish and a nice lingering bitterness.