April 21 - The Uninvited Guests - CCR vs MILLER

April 21 - The Uninvited Guests - CCR vs MILLER

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The Uninvited Guests is an Ottawa-based band formed in 1998 by Marty Sobb to tour the pubs and bars of Alberta and BC on a circuit already familiar to the touring musician.  It was Sobb's intention to form a band that would be a go-to party band that could play in many different situations to a varied crowd.  Over the years, the band has played a variety of venues in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and BC. In recent years, they have developed a tribute to one of their favourite and most influential bands, Creedence Clearwater Revival.

The cornerstone of the band is lead vocalist and guitar player Corey Sullivan (Charlie Major, Brea Lawrenson). His ability to channel the voice of John Fogerty is impressive and uncanny - you must see it for yourself! The band is rounded out by Marty Sobb on guitar (Autumn's Canon, Al Wood & The Woodsmen, Marty Sobb & The Mobb), Dave Schroeder on bass/vocals (Little Bones - Hip tribute, Carleton U music professor) and Matt Sobb on drums (MonkeyJunk/2x Juno Award winner).

The Uninvited Guests musical tribute to CCR covers all your favourite CCR hits as well as John Fogerty's solo hits.  The band is quite musically diverse and can also play bonus sets of a wide range of classic rock, country and blues tunes. The band has now added a Steve Miller Band set!

Doors 7pm