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Forge Ahead - Dry Hopped Amber
Forge Ahead - Dry Hopped Amber

Forge Ahead - Dry Hopped Amber

Overflow Brewing Company
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Over the last two years our team has savoured the successes and toiled through adversity. Recently the dust settled and we took a step back to lift our heads. Man, we’ve done a hell of a lot in those 24 months and we’re just hitting our stride. Like a blacksmith forging their creation in fire, our plan is coming together and there is no intent on slowing down. The plan is to continue to Forge Ahead!

  • 4.3% ABV
  • IBU: 25
  • American Amber Ale

Colour: Traditional deep amber

Aroma: Slight evergreen and citrus with hints of caramel.

Taste: Begins with a malty caramel with hints of biscuit and roasted nuts. Leading to a smooth earl grey tea with a nice evergreen esk bitterness in the aftertaste.