Job Opportunities

What is the “flow” in Overflow?

  • Overflow Brewing Company defines the mental state of Flow as the state of ultimate happiness and contentment when performing an activity you are truly passionate about.
  • Overflow Brewing Company believes in the constant pursuit of happiness and wishing it will spill over to those around us.

Mission Statement

Overflow Brewing Company is a production brewery and tap house in Ottawa South striving to brew world class craft beer to suit the tastes of beer enthusiasts. The company is committed to providing customers with new and memorable experiences through a variety of beer flavours and food options. 

Overflow is a craft brewery and taproom proud to be located in Ottawa, Ontario. We’re a self-distributing brewery where commercial brewing began in spring 2018; and our taproom opened in fall of 2018.

We focus on approachable beer in all varieties with a comprehensive seasonal rotating beer menu exclusive to our Taproom.

Company Profile

Craft beer builds stronger communities and brings people together in special ways. United by beer, our customers enjoy various beer styles and many more creative options each week. Our goal is to brew beer to suit all tastes and aim to provide a pleasurable experience at every occasion. We look forward to serving our selection of handcrafted brews, wine, spirits as well as non-alcoholic options helping to make incredible memories through song, laughter and emotional connection to something special.

Overflow Brewing Company believes that everyone should strive to enjoy life to the fullest. The cycle of our existence should never fall short of achieving a state of ultimate happiness also referred to as a state of “flow”. This state should be experienced at every level and all stages of life. Our promise is to help provide new craft beer drinkers as well as seasoned enthusiasts an opportunity to experience this positive state of body and mind through arts, entertainment, food and most importantly beer. Our goal is for our customers to leave with a memorable experience that will spill over to those around them and motivate them to find their flow what the company calls “Getting caught in the Overflow.”

If our brand could speak, it would say:

  • I am a craft brewery with the highest of quality beer options.
  • I exist as an opportunity for people to gather together, enjoy our beer with great entertainment or just a quiet moment alone.

Currently hiring for:

Taproom Associate (part-time or full-time)

Cook (part-time or full-time)