The Overflow Taproom

The Taproom

Beer, the nectar of the gods. It’s the drink that has stood the test of time. First brewed over 6,000 years ago beer is perfect alone, paired with our food truck fare or a five-course meal. It can be as unrefined or grandiose as you want, but it always ends up being the right drink at the right time.

The Overflow Taproom is all about beer but as you've probably heard, it has so much more for you. Overflow was the first production brewery to open a taproom here in Ottawa, Ontario to host large events focused on large scale music shows in an intimate atmosphere. We couldn’t be more proud of the space we’ve created here for you all to enjoy a beer with friends and friends you haven’t met yet.

Since opening the doors and selling our first pint of beer in October 2018, we’ve expanded from our cozy little retail store to include the large taproom and smaller private event room.

Our taproom is open 5 days a week hosting some of the best parties and concerts. We are always here to entertain you with the Taproom Series and Concert Series shows from Thursday to Saturday. On the seventh day (Sunday) we feel that we are all entitled to be a little unscheduled, so we play it by ear and offer some delicious brunch options for those who stayed over from the night before ;-)

So grab yourself a pint of Overflow, enjoy some sun through our massive 25 foot glass garage door, have a seat on our 2,000 square foot patio and just relax, you deserve it. Whatever brings you in, we’re happy to have you.