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Keg - Party Pump (Rental)

Overflow Brewing Company
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Keep your beer flowing.  Our Keg Party Pumps will keep beer moving while you relax.

  • $60 Deposit with the purchase of an Overflow Keg (50L / 30L)
  • Full Deposit returned upon the return of the Party Pump
  • Rental Terms are 21 days.
  • Set up and Tear Down instructions Included with your rental
  • Pump has a Pressure Relief Valve to release pressure from over-pump
  • Pump fits into palm of hand for smooth pumping!
  • Easy Turn & Tap connection

*NOTE - Party Pumps should be considered for keg one time usage (24 to 48 hours).  Party Pumps inject ambient oxygen into your keg in order to continue the constant flow of your beer from the keg.  If you would prefer our longer term dispensing systems please consider our Overflow CO2 PicNic Keg Taps for rent and cartridges for purchase.