Roger That - Extra Pale Ale
Roger That - Extra Pale Ale
Roger That - Extra Pale Ale

Roger That - Extra Pale Ale

Overflow Brewing Company
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Canadian Brewing Awards - 2020 Bronze - Cream Ale Category
Canadian Brewing Awards - 2019 Bronze - Cream Ale Category

"Roger That" is a widely known military communications response to confirm that a message has been received. The founders of Overflow knew there was a time to move on from their previous jobs and lifestyle and the day it happened it was a clear message like our EPA. Overflow customers were looking for clean, crisp and easy drinking ale, and we heard that message, loud and clear. Cheers to all of the honourable nationals who serve this fantastic country and to the great human being who had faith in Overflow’s founders, we salute you.

  • ABV: 4.3%
  • IBU: 18
  • Extra Pale Ale

Colour: very pale yellow

Aroma: hints of apple, straw and an almost vinous characteristic.

Taste: base malt-type biscuit/bread like character, with a clean dry finish, high CO2 mouthfeel: no residual aftertaste.