Mecca of Stank - Featuring Nitro Turtle, Rebecca Noelle and The Lionyls - The Soul Funk Revival

Mecca of Stank - Featuring Nitro Turtle, Rebecca Noelle and The Lionyls - The Soul Funk Revival

Overflow Brewing Company
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Mecca of Stank is the brainchild of Mark Leo, who convinced some of the most accomplished musicians in Ottawa to form a band in 2019 with the goal of playing extended interpretive jams to induce musical euphoria (i.e., the stank face). A couple of years of epic performances playing mainly loose covers morphed into more original music and launched Mecca of Stank to the next level.

With a shared love of soul, funk, jazz, r&b, reggae, old school hip hop, ambient downtempo, Latin and world music, the foursome perform arrangements that explore all of their shared influences, and experiment with blending them together.

According to Jason Jaknunas - Owner, Metropolitan Studios.  "I took pilgrimage to visit the Mecca of Stank and was blown away by the funk, the groove and the talent. They totally live up to their name. Hands down one of the funkiest new bands to come out of Ottawa. This groovy 4-piece will have you exercising your stank face all night. Raw grooves, deep beats, and dirty chords all serve up a killer plate of Stank. Worth the pilgrimage to your local record store."

In April of 2023, Stank was nominated for a 2023 Ottawa Music Industry Coalition (OMIC) Captial Music Award in the Best Newcomer category. In June of the same year, they were selected to attend and perform at Canadian Music Week in Toronto.

In April 2022, Mecca of Stank released their debut single 'Dopamine Dreams (feat. Rebecca Noelle)'. Produced and recorded by award-winning Jason Jaknunas at Metropolitan Studios in Ottawa, Canada. With the stellar production team, they have been releasing new material regularly ever since, including 8 studio singles, with tracks in English, Spanish and French languages.

  • Dopamine Dreams (feat. Rebecca Noelle) - April 2022
  • State in Your Mind - June 2022
  • When We Left Earth - July 2022
  • This Time - October 2022
  • Dopamine Dreams (Lofi Quantum Remix) - December 2022
  • Love & Stars - February 2023
  • Not Enough Time - June 2023
  • Mon Aura (feat. KLo E) - December 2023

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Doors 7pm

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